I have MS and it keeps me in constant pain all of the time. I have not been able to sleep through the night in years. Dr. Shaw was a referral from a good friend that started seeing him after a car accident. After 2 visits, I started sleeping through the night. The numbness in my feet and hand has gotten better; I had not felt my hands and feet in a year. This has changed my life and I feel so much better during the day! I don’t have enough words to tell you how nice and patient Dr. Shaw and his staff are; that makes such a difference when you do not feel well. I will continue to see Dr. Shaw until he tells me it is no longer needed. Suffering is no longer a part of my life!!
– Michelle H.

About 20 years ago, I was in a severe rear-ending auto accident and was left with permanent lower back and neck whiplash issues including soft tissue damage. I was treated under Chiropractic care at the time of the accident and I truly believe those treatments, along with massage therapy, kept me out of a wheelchair.

Years later and due to our insurance not covering Chiropractic treatment, multiple MDs were prescribing many powerful, potentially addictive drugs with terrible potential side effects, to attempt to reduce my pain. Of course, after a relatively short time, my body became immune to the drugs at the prescribed level, so my MDs increased my dosage until they had to find different pain relieving drugs. It was a disastrous time for me regarding being in almost constant pain and the dangerously strong medications with potentially harmful side effects. Something had to give.

Fast-forward 13 years and another flare-up, MDs prescribed brain scans, MRIs and CTs (and additional powerful medications) to see if they could determine why I was in so much pain and getting horrible migraines. Each one of them told me in no uncertain terms that the tests showed no damage or injury and that they couldn’t find anything wrong with me and that I was “fine”. I was not fine.

About 7 years ago, during a charitable event, I met my acupuncturist who, after I told him what the MDs had said, he said that he believed that he would be able to help me. That night I began my holistic journey to my healing.

In addition to my acupuncture treatments, I began treatments with Dr. Shaw as I was experiencing a flare-up of my injuries and migraines (and Chiropractic and Acupuncture were now covered by my insurance) and between his chiropractic care, the concurrent treatments of my acupuncturist, and the massage therapy, the flare-up was greatly minimized and the migraines began to go away.

Fast-forward to today…instead of almost constant flare-ups, pain, migraines and powerful harmful drugs, my body has healed to such a level that I have minor flare-up approximately once a year and a major flare up every 2-3 years. I have no need for any prescribed pain medications and have not taken anything stronger that an occasional Advil for the past 5-6 years.

The most recent flare-up was easily a 15 on a scale of 1-10. However, between Dr. Shaw’s treatments and the concurrent acupuncture treatments, my body is greatly improved and quickly healing in less than 1 week.

I can’t say that everyone will have my same results, but, for me, there are no more powerful, dangerous drugs in my body almost daily and I genuinely feel better, both physically and emotionally. I wish I’d continued with the holistic approach years ago.

Thank you Dr. Shaw and your wonderful office staff for your compassionate care and treatment. It matters.

– Lori L.

Shaw Chiropractic is my first experience with chiropractic treatment and It has been so positive in many ways: the treatment relieved a persistent, and worsening, issue; the staff is amazingly accommodating; and the knowledge and professionalism of Dr. Andrea and Dr. Chad Shaw are so reassuring. Don’t wait until you can’t turn your head left or right (like I did)…visit Shaw Chiropractic and feel so much better. Also, consider trying Ideal Protein as a healthy way to enjoy eating and lose weight safely.
– Anonymous

A chair broke on me in 2010 and I suffered until I started seeing Dr Shaw. He has really helped my neck and back. I still have a ways to go before my back recovers. His staff is very friendly and helpful. Also he sells items that you can use at home for relief. He accepts my Fl. Blue insurance and I just pay a small co-pay.
– Jeff K.

I would highly recommend Chad and Andrea.  They have taken care of our family’s spinal health and helped with our overall wellness.  Extremely Honest and Trustworthy.
– Joel C.

I recently sprained my foot and now that it is almost well, I didn’t have as much range of motion. Dr. Chad adjusted my feet and ankles and now I have more range of motion than I have had in years! I didn’t realize that chiropractors adjust more than your back and neck, but I am thankful that they do!
– Nancy C.

I had moved from Michigan for a new job. A few months into work, I needed help with pain caused by an old injury, and asked my husband to find a chiropractor.  Dr. Chad Shaw used state-of-the art equipment to identify where (in the spine) the problem was, and set up a short term series of treatments.  It was a life-saver.
– Unknown Angies List

Actually, I usually see Dr Chad Shaw, Andrea’s spouse and partner.  Since my initial series of treatments, I have been on a weekly maintenance plan, and  I have continued to improve my mobility and reduce chronic pain.  The doctors and staff are always cheerful and helpful. They emphasize exercise in addition to treatment for prevention of injuries and for better health.
– Unknown Angies List

It is a husband and wife team. They have the latest and up-to-date equipment. They are really good. I would certainly use them again in the future.
– Unknown Angies List

Dr. Chad and Andrea have treated our family for years. Would highly recommend to anyone with Chiropractic or wellness needs!
– Joel C.

After my car accident I felt an intense burning sensation in my neck, back and shoulders. I called ShawChiropractic after a family friend suggested I do so. After a few chiropractic adjustments and treatments, I feltmuch relief to my problem areas in my neck, back and shoulders so that is why I continue to see ShawChiropractic
– Anonymous

The first time I went to Shaw Chiropractic I felt very welcomed and like a family member. The Doctors always know how to fix me back up to play sports with my kids! After I finished my treatment plan with Dr. Chad I don’t feel the pressure or pain that I once had on my first visit. I love that Chiropractic is an alternative route rather than using medicine to cover up my symptoms.
– Christina P.

Pretty good. Fixes your alignment and is friendly. The office is clean and can almost always make time to correct your spine. Receptionist is cute and always smiling. I would recommend this husband/ wife chiropractic duo.
– Sebastian C.

I felt very discouraged from being in pain and struggling so much with my hip flex and lower back at 33, even after a year of Physical Therapy and surgery! I was recommended by a patient of the Shaw’s, because she RAVED about how she felt amazing hip relief which put her back on the streets running. The Shaw’s demonstrate extreme professionalism and knowledge in the area of Chiropractic medicine. My husband is asurgeon and we are often skeptics of alternative forms of treatment, but I am a firm believer now. Also, the girlsin the front are an absolute pleasure to speak with! I would highly recommend Shaw Chiropractic to my friendsand family!
– Julia F.

I like that Chiropractic treats my body and doesn’t prescribe medicine or surgery! The staff at Shaw Chiropractic lovely and low key! After treatment with Dr. Shaw I am feeling so much better and am aware of my actions and movements.
– Julie J.

My husband and I started going to Shaw Chiropractic at the onset of excruciating lower back pain. Ironically,we both injured our backs within a week of one another. I visited Shaw Chiropractic first. When my husbandinjured his back a week later and seeing and hearing just how much relief I was receiving from the therapy bothDr. Andrea and Sr. Chad had provided to me, he decided to make an appointment. We didn’t realize how much better we felt overall and were able to be pain free with only a few therapy treatments and chiropractic care. It’s really changed our way of life and realization of just how important it is to take care of the spine as it affects ALL parts and functions of the body and we both look forward to our routine spinal adjustments! I’ve even noticed a significant improvement in the migraine headaches I previously had, not to mention the face that Ihave to take much less Motrin these days. Me and my husband highly recommend Dr. Shaw and we are verythankfully for everything they do for us!
– Lisa S

I chose Chiropractic care, because it is a more natural and hands on approach to recovery! The doctors at ShawChiropractic are great and easy to get along with. They are very knowledgeable and the staff is wonderful and positive!
– Richard S.

I was in a lot of pain and I couldn’t sleep through the night without waking up and not being able to fall back asleep. I had heard about Chiropractic care and decided to look into it and try it out. I chose Shaw Chiropractic because Dr. Shaw and his staff are HIGHLY recommended! Coming to their office has helped my overallquality of living. It has definitely improved and restored my ADL’s. Not only does Shaw Chiropractic have a lifelong client with me, but my entire household as well!
– Shawn F.

When I first came I was in the worst pain of my life. I had pulled a muscle just lying down in bed and so I went to see Dr. Shaw. In 2 days Dr. Shaw got me feeling SO much better it was amazing. I’ve stayed with Dr. Shaw as he is professional with good results and understanding of how my body works. The office staff is very friendly and takes personal interest in you and that extra touch makes me happy!
– Tara A.

I have had chiropractic adjustments for years before moving to Jacksonville. When I moved here and waited a few months before getting care, I saw Dr. Shaw on recommendation of my son. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. My pain has been primarily in my neck, upper back and low back. I had trouble sleeping at night and after regular adjustments, I sleep better and I have minimal pain and discomfort. I continue to come for regular adjustments to keep my back in good working condition.
– Valera S.

Everyone at Shaw Chiropractic is VERY professional and the office staff are welcoming and friendly. Dr. Chad has helped me significantly with my back and now I’m pain free! I have recommended Shaw Chiropractic to many of my friends and will continue to do so!
– Cyndi S.

On my first day I wasn’t sure what to expect about Chiropractic, but the staff and Dr. Shaw are so nice that I felt like family. It was always a pleasure to walk in to a staff that is friendly and welcoming. I would tell all of my friends and family that need a Chiropractor to go to Shaw Chiropractic!
– Joyce J.

I have been dealing with 3 years of chronic soft tissue aggravation and daily pain! I was previously a patient and sought the doctors, because I knew their approach and broad range of experience. I knew an isolated issue may seem to be that, but our bodies are amazing things and we many times adapt and compensate which causes stress in other areas without being aware. This eventually causes damage left untreated. Dr. Andrea and Dr. Chad have a holistic mindset to ward dealing with imbalance in the body. Their approach toward correcting asymmetry is effective in restoring function and symptom reduction. I love coming to the office, because their staff is pleasant, compassionate and helpful!
– Mary H.

Constant pain. Ever present, unrelenting, insidious, unstoppable pain. Mine was in the form of a migraine headache that would never, ever, go away. Day in, day out, day and night, all night. The best I could hope for is the pain would subside for awhile. Drugs? I’ve taken so many I can’t remember them all. Hydrocodone was a favorite, but I didn’t like the side effects. Depakote, Imitrex, Ultram, you name it, I’ve tried it. At one point, I was seeing three doctors and they were all trying something a little different, but nothing worked to stop the pain. Eventually, I spent a week in the hospital where I had numerous EEGs, CAT scans, with and without dyes injected into my veins. Ispent an entire day in the Heart Lab. Numerous blood tests and all sorts of other tests to try and find the source of my headaches, all without success. By this time, all the drugs I’d been taking were wreaking havoc on my body. I really felt terrible and I still had that miserable, unrelenting headache. I went back to my primary physician, and he was basically out of traditional treatment ideas. At that point, he suggested either acupuncture or chiropractic and he recommended Dr. Chad Shaw. I had never been to a chiropractor before and, I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first. I didn’t understand chiropractic or how it could help me. However, within my first visit or two, all my early questions were answered. I quickly found Dr. Shaw and his staff to be very caring and forthcoming. Dr. Shaw began by explaining what chiropractic is and how it works. By using a device with a computer he performed an examination of my neck and back and produced a graphic depiction, that was simply amazing. With that, and using x-rays of my neck, Dr. Shaw told me things about myself and my lifestyle, that only I knew, contributed to some of the problems, possibly even the headaches. That’s one of the best things about Dr. Shaw; he quickly focused on relieving my pain during the very first visit. During that first visit, Dr. Shaw performed some adjustments on me that made me feel different and I didn’t know if it was working at first. However, shortly after that first visit, I began to feel a big difference. I went back to see him three times a week, at first, and I believe, that made a difference for me, because it wasn’t very long at all before I really began to feel much better. I also learned through this process to tell Dr. Shaw if I was in pain and exactly where it hurt. Within about two weeks, I began to feel a noticeable difference. Dr. Shaw continued to focus attention on my pain and work with me, as a person, not just a patient. He went even further to show me how to maintain my physical well-being, through diet and moderate exercise. Once again, Dr. Shaw demonstrated how he cared about the entire me, not just what I originally came in to see him about. On one visit, Dr. Shaw asked me if I was breathing okay. I responded that I was a little short of breath from time to time, but it didn’t bother me all that much. Dr. Shaw then performed an adjustment and I couldn’t believe how much better I could breathe. From that day forward, I have continued to breathe much better. On another visit, I told Dr. Shaw my left foot hurt and I didn’t know if it had anything to do with the previous adjustments he made. He then made an adjustment to my left knee and left ankle and now my left foot feels fine. I share these last two examples, only to emphasize again that Dr. Shaw cares about you as a whole person, not just as a patient. Summarizing, I saw Dr. Chad Shaw for the first time in July 2008 and I was taking all sorts of drugs for migraine pain relief at that time. Today, I don’t take any. To say Dr. Shaw has changed my life, is an understatement. As a result of what he’s done for me, I’m pain free, I’m happier, and I’m enjoying life much more than I ever thought possible.
– R. M.

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